Character design by Leon Miksec ( )
My goal here was to create a rig for a cartoony character. I knew I wanted some squash and stretch ability but I also wanted to create a rig that would support facial animations without costing to many joints.
The rig features an IK/FK-switch for the arms and legs with space switching attributes so I can control if the arms for example should follow the body or rotate according to the world.  To get full control of the spine I created a ribbon rig and implemented squash and stretch through scaling of joints. I created twist joints for the arms to allow 180 degrees of rotation without losing the integrity of the mesh.

Character design by Kamil Haddad
My goal here was to deepen my knowledge in rigging and create a character rig that would be fast and easy to use. This was the first time I tried creating a more complex rig than we learn through our rigging course.
This rig features IK/FK-switch, space switching for all the FK-controllers and a ribbon spine. All FK-controllers that rotate in all axes, such as the arm-controller, have the option to enable extra controllers to fix gimbal lock issues. The character has the ability to summon an Ice Sword and this can be attached to either the right arm or the left arm. 
Character design by Kamil Haddad
We wanted to create a creepy and evil big bad boss. Since his whole body is a snake, I figured we needed a simple way to animate it without having to keyframe all the controllers.
This rig features a ribbon spine as well as a tail. These have wave deformers connected to them to allow for automated wiggle motions. IK/FK switches with some space switches for the FK-controllers. The FK-controllers also feature extra controllers to help with gimbal locks.
Weapon model by Leon Miksec 
Arms by Christoffer Börjesson

Besides the usual IK/FK-switches, space switches and extra controllers for gimbal lock, this rig have the option to parent the hands to the weapon and attach the magazine to either the hand or the gun.

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