Mistmore is a 2D adventure game inspired by Lovecraft with the gameplay of Hyperlight Drifter.
I was tasked with creating the rig for the characters so we could animate in 3D and render out as spritesheets. I worked together with Alexander Kornemalm to create the animations for the main character as well as the enemies. Simon Martinsson created the characters and the rig for the cables used throughout the game.
Emil Axelsson
Ludvig Jare
Hannes Rehnström
Daniel Vindhjärta
Elias Öh

Zakarias Henricson
Alexander Kornemalm
Amanda Gardfors
Claes Lewenhaupt
Emil Petersson

Kushtrim Brahimi
Simon Martinsson
Robert Pettersson
Here are some of the animations I did for this game
Smear mesh and rig created by Simon Martinsson
Enemy attack animation created by Alexander Kornemalm
Water splash effect created by Alexander Kornemalm

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