Gaslight is a small action packed FPS that looks to replicate the gun feel of Wolfenstein.
Here I created the rig for the FPS-arms as well as the enemies. I recorded mocap and worked with polishing all the mocaped animations and some of the FPS-animations. This was the first time working with mocap in a game project. I created scripts that would shuffle different animations and play sounds.
This trailer is created by me.


Here is some of the work I made for this game.
Here are some scripts I created in our engines scripting system.
This first one shuffles different sounds of bullets flying by and force a delay before the next can play.
This next one creates entities of an empty chamber, attaches it to a joint and play one of three different animations I made for empty chambers.
Here's how the empty chambers look in game. Shoot animations from the hip are made by both Isabelle Neuman (click HERE to see more of her work) and me, while the aimed shooting animation is made by me.

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